Through my film photos, I tell a story. It is grounded both in my past of the mighty women who came before me in my family and my present of who I am because of them. A constant reflection of the stillness and faith that has trickled down generationally. In my work, I style with thrifted and used pieces to creatively express the essence and soul of the one I’m capturing. I am inspired by my two grandmothers- the thriftiness of my abuelita who was from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico and the charm of my grandma from the South who is African American. Both embracing and showing me the elegance and magic within resourcefulness and the power of utilizing what is already around me. It reflects from the overlooked stories of people in my neighborhood to the overshadowed used clothes to the personal mirror of my growth. There is a beauty unseen that I want to make known through my lens and through my words. It comes to life through what is already in my sphere.

16.5 x 16.5

17 x 21

17 x 20

17 x 19.5

17 x 21.5

14 x 17

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